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Every homeowner that does not want to paint their house themselves, will have to hire a house painter at some point. There are literally hundreds of different painting contractors on Cape Cod and the Islands. How do you know who to hire?

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Below are some tips for hiring a house painter to do interior or exterior work. One thing to remember is with all the harsh weather we experience here on Cape Cod, a quality exterior paint job is a must. The quality of the paint job determines how long you can go until you have to have your house painted again.

Guide for hiring interior and exterior painting contractors on Cape Cod:



First you need to determine the areas of your home that you need painted. You may also want to consider any carpentry or drywall work you may want to have done before you paint.

Decide what colors and brands of paints you want to use. The painter may have recommendations on color, type and brand of paint to use for different areas of your home.

When you are ready to get prices, contact several painters so you have a few different quotes to compare. Have the painting contractors visit the site and quote a price for the job. Ask the painting contractors for references and be sure to contact them. Select a painting contractor based on price, references and your impressions. Remember “you get what you pay for” so hiring the cheapest painter may not be the best idea.

Get a signed contract specifying the work to be done, total cost, payment schedule, start date and estimated completion date. Make sure the painting contract includes the paint brands and colors to be used in each location, as well as the number of coats required in each area.

For interior painting, remove all furniture and other items before the painter is scheduled to begin. Anything that cannot be removed should be piled together in the center of the room and covered well with drop cloths.

A good-quality paint job typically consists of one coat of primer and two finish coats of the chosen color. If you intend to have faux painting done, like as sponging or other decorative paint work, make sure that your painter has experience doing this type of painting.

Some house painting contractors may offer additional services such as:

  • Power washing
  • Restoration
  • Light carpentry
  • Bleaching
  • Staining
  • Pickling